What to Expect

We want your experience at A Woman’s Choice to be something that leaves you feeling calm, confident and assured. We understand, however, that right now, that might not describe how you are feeling. So to relieve some of your anxiety, we want to outline for you what to expect when you come for your appointment.

Our Promise to You

  • Your privacy will be protected.
  • You will be treated with respect and compassion.
  • You will be educated and empowered to make an informed choice.

Your Initial Visit

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete necessary paperwork.
  • You are greeted in the reception area and given paperwork to complete
    • Please be sure to bring a photo id
  • You will be called back by one of our client advocates, who will introduce herself and take you directly to the medical clinic to leave a urine sample for your pregnancy test
  • Afterwards, the client advocate will bring you to a counseling room
  • In the counseling room, the client advocate will:
    • Complete an intake form of information about your pregnancy situation
    • Provide you with information about all of the options for you pregnancy
    • Listen to you and talk with you about the various issues related to your pregnancy situation, including how you are feeling, your relationships, and your spiritual needs
  • Then the client advocate will walk you back to our medical clinic again, where one of our clinic staff will:
    • Perform a pregnancy test and give you results
    • Review the medical details of your pregnancy and your options
    • Provide you with health information about pregnancy
    • Determine the scheduling for your ultrasound
    • Perform STI testing
  • Finally, our clinic staff will discuss the steps that will follow in your personalized decision plan, and take you back to the reception area to make any needed appointments.

After Your Initial Visit

  • You will return for an ultrasound (if it was not performed during your first visit)
  • You are encouraged to bring your partner, friends or family for your ultrasound
  • For STI testing, you will receive a phone call from our clinic staff to set up an appointment to give you your results
  • One of our staff will call to check on you and offer continued support in your situation
  • If you choose, you can enroll in our educational programs and begin making appointments to participate