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How much does an abortion cost in 2024?

As abortion regulations change across the country, the cost of pregnancy termination is rising; in 2024, the average abortion costs 15% more than it did five years ago.1 However, the total cost of an abortion depends on several factors that vary widely by each woman’s situation, including: 

  • How far along your pregnancy is
  • The type of abortion you get
  • How many doctor visits are required and whether or not they are included in the initial cost of the abortion
  • The state you live in and providers in the area
  • If you have insurance coverage
  • Whether you need follow-up care for side effects or complications 

Average Abortion Cost by Trimester

First Trimester

$ 644 (0-13 Weeks Pregnant)

Second Trimester

$ 1,068 (14-26 Weeks Pregnant)

Third Trimester

$ $3,000+ (27-40 Weeks Pregnant)
Source: Reference (1), (2)
How can I find out how far along I am?

Medical professionals determine how far along your pregnancy is by calculating the length of time since the first day of your last period and confirming it with an ultrasound. A Woman’s Choice offers free medical testing and education for women considering abortion, including pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.

Cost of the Abortion Pill

The abortion pill is the most common method of abortion. A medical abortion involves taking two prescription drugs – one to end the pregnancy and a second to remove the pregnancy. In 2024, the abortion pill is typically less expensive than a surgical abortion procedure. On average, a medical abortion costs $560–$650.3, 4 Most providers include the cost of standard lab work, the abortion medication, and a follow-up visit in their fees, however additional pain medications, emergency care, or a follow-up abortion in the case of an incomplete abortion would cost more.

How likely am I to experience an incomplete abortion or need emergency care if I take the abortion pill?

According to the latest research, the abortion pill is 98% effective at ending a pregnancy. However, the rate of complications due to a medical abortion has risen dramatically. Women who take the abortion pill have a 53% greater risk of an ER visit for an abortion-related reason compared to surgical abortion.(5)

Is the abortion pill cheaper online?

Some states permit patients to order the abortion pill online, however, the medication still requires a doctor’s prescription. Women seeking abortions here in Florida must also receive an ultrasound and abortion counseling before obtaining an abortion pill prescription. Overall, the cost of obtaining the pill online is about the same as in-person. 

Cost of a Surgical Abortion Procedure

On average, an abortion procedure is about 10% more expensive than a medical abortion, but the cost range varies more widely. Because the abortion pill is only available through 10 weeks of pregnancy, surgical abortion procedures are more common in the second trimester, which begins at week 13. 

The farther along a pregnancy is, the more expensive a surgical abortion becomes, with a second-trimester abortion averaging between $895–$1,068. Third-trimester abortion procedures are extremely rare and can cost up to $25,000.6

Will health insurance pay for an abortion?

If you are on Medicaid, most states only cover the abortion pill in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.7

If you have private health insurance, coverage for the abortion pill will vary depending on your state, insurance provider, and abortion provider. The number of abortion facilities accepting insurance has decreased from 89% to 80% over the last few years. In southern states, abortion clinics are less likely to accept insurance but also typically charge less.8 

Additional Costs to Plan For When You Have an Abortion

Cost of the abortion pill and related expenses

In addition to the cost of the medication itself, there are other expenses you may need to pay for before or after taking the abortion pills, such as:

  • OBGYN visits including blood work, pregnancy testing, and screening
  • An ultrasound to see how far along the pregnancy is
  • STD testing or treatments
  • IUD removal if one is in place
  • Prescription medication such as anti-nausea meds, pain meds, and antibiotics
  • Anesthesia or sedation
  • 1-4 weeks worth of heavy-duty menstrual maxi pads
  • Birth control prescription
  • Follow-up emergency room or urgent care or if there are complications

Depending on how long the abortion’s side effects last, patients may also need to plan on taking time off work or lining up childcare for other children.

Are there free services for pregnancy?

If you learn your pregnancy is outside Florida’s legal limits for abortion, or you decide to carry your pregnancy to term, we can help connect you with local community resources that offer free and affordable pregnancy services. 

A Woman’s Choice also offers free support such as maternity supplies, parenting classes, baby items, and other helpful resources.

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and aren’t sure what to do, we are here for you. Abortion is a big decision with lots of questions surrounding it, but it doesn’t have to be navigated alone. 

Chat with us anonymously online, book a free appointment that includes medical testing, or contact us just to talk privately about what you’re facing if you are pregnant.

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Abortion Cost FAQS

A Woman’s Choice does not prescribe the abortion pill, perform abortion procedures, or refer for abortions. We are a non-profit community organization that is here to offer free education, medical testing, and support to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Learn more about our services here.

“the abortion pill” is another name for the abortion pill, RU-486. The cost of a medical abortion currently ranges from $500 – $800. Plan B, on the other hand, is a form of emergency contraception designed to prevent pregnancy; it can not end an existing pregnancy. The Plan B pill is available over the counter at most pharmacies for a cost of  $32 – $60. Learn more about Plan B here.9 

The type of abortion you’re eligible for depends on how advanced your pregnancy is. Medical professionals determine how far along your pregnancy is by calculating the length of time since the first day of your last period and confirming it with an ultrasound. A Woman’s Choice offers free medical testing and education for women considering abortion, including pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. 

Unlike Plan B, the abortion pill is not available over the counter and should only be administered by a licensed abortion provider.

Some abortion providers offer financial assistance or sliding scale fees for abortion. However, the majority of self-pay abortions will cost $560–$650.

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